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Clean Cooking

To facilitate the scaling up of clean cookstoves and clean fuels market

Clean Cooking Kenya has temporarily shelved its plan to provide cheap cooking gas to millions of poor households after the pre-qualified supplier delivered unsafe 6kg cylinders.

In its grand Project Mwananchi, the government was to buy five million gas cylinders by the end of 2019, fill them with gas and distribute them to the low and middle-income households at a reduced cost of Ksh2,000 ($20). The fee covers cylinder, burner, Clean Cooking grill and gas.

The programme, launched in October 2016, was meant to subsidise the cost of cooking fuel for the poor especially in the rural areas in the next Clean Cooking three years, and contain the destruction of forests throughClean Cooking reduction or elimination of the use of harmful sources of energy such as charcoal, firewood and kerosene.

But the plan seems to falter, with the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum confirming that a consortium led by Allied East Africa Ltd (AEAL), a Kenyan firm contracted to supply the government with the initial 300,000 Gas Yetu cylinders, provided defective appliances that are risky to the consumers.